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02/25/2012: Hoodoo Honeyjar and Inner Critic Corral have traded times Sunday morning.
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I started as a pagan in my teens, practiced as a solitary Wiccan in high school. After joining MENSA, I found other pagans at the pagan MENSA SiG. That's where I met Pat and Tony Taylor. About that time, Isaac Bonewits started the ADF. Not satisfied with just research, the Taylors formed Keltria, and I joined them in the first Grove. I also attended Children of the Night, a occult studies group at the U of MN. Later I became a member of White Raven, which went on to become one of the charter covens of WiCoM. I served terms as treasurer and newsletter editor. Years later I discovered that a Gardnerian group was seeking members. A few years ago I attended PantheaCon, and thought that format was better suited for Minnesota in the winter than San Jose. I volunteered to help with Convergence in preparation for starting MystiCon, when I heard TCPP was already launching Paganicon, so I thought I'd lend a hand instead of competing, and so here I am.

Friday, March 16

7:00pm CDT