Paganicon 2012 has ended
02/15/2012: The schedule is now set!
02/20/2012: Events with Guests of Honor featured are now in bold.
02/25/2012: Hoodoo Honeyjar and Inner Critic Corral have traded times Sunday morning.
03/04/2012: Finalized the book-signing schedule.
03/10/2012: Astro 2012, Legal Rights for Nature, and How to Speak Pagan have been moved to different rooms.
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Twin Cities Pagan Pride

Twin Cities Pagan Pride
Twin Cities, MN
Twin Cities Pagan Pride is an organization dedicated to educating the public about Paganism and other alternate spiritual paths, as well as facilitating the knowledge transfer between our extended community. We hold two major events annually: Paganicon in March and the Twin Cities Pagan Pride Fall Festival in September.